Our Mission

Basic RGBHello, Seekho is an audio learning tool that supplements government school education for students across India, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Hello, Seekho aims to create educational support for these students, thus helping them stay in school and achieve the learning levels corresponding to their grade levels.

Hello, Seekho supplements the education of those whose parents are illiterate and those that are forced by their parents to drop out of school. It is a resource for a child whose parents can’t help him with his homework and for a child who doesn’t have storybooks at home. It cuts across distance and social barriers and enhances education in remote areas and unfavorable circumstances.

In the future, Hello, Seekho aims to expand its consumer base to all types of learners – students attending private schools, students attending government schools, adult learners and those who prefer auditory learning. Our dream is to be an indispensable audio resource to every kind of learner.