Curriculum Development

PrintThe vision of the co-founders of Hello, Seekho – Vaasvi Goyal and Kasturi Shah – is that Hello, Seekho provides free English audio education for underprivileged learners across India. The service can be used either as a stand-alone service or as a supplement to education that the learners may be receiving.

In keeping with its vision, the curriculum for Hello, Seekho follows a developmental model that will, on completion, give its listeners an understanding of basic vocabulary, the ability to speak in simple sentences and converse with others. These lessons have been sequenced following the scales of development of language in typical children.

Hello, Seekho believes that it is critical for its audience to develop a functional understanding of spoken English. It is for this reason that the lessons on Verb Tenses begin with the early verbs and transition to verbs that are used most frequently in spoken English, even though they are irregular in nature. Every lesson is centred around an activity chosen from the daily routine of young children across India that best lends itself to the natural development of the language target. This has been made possible because the lessons have been so structured that they systematically build on and integrate vocabulary, concepts and language structures that precede them.

Songs and short stories have been worked into many lessons in order to hold the attention of its young listeners. Quick summaries help the listeners review the content of most lessons. A few short assessments have also been worked into the lesson series as tools of evaluation, with a final lesson that summarizes the material covered in Hello, Seekho’s curriculum.

We hope that our listeners enjoy Hello, Seekho as much as have enjoyed creating these lessons for them!

Listen to a sample from one of our lessons!  Click here