Hello, Seekho’s Launch in Dharavi from Hello, Seekho on Vimeo.

Hello, Seekho launched in Dharavi on July 19 2015 in a one day roadshow. Hello, Seekho provides free English audio education accessible via a toll free number through a simple phone call. 1,400 calls were received within 48 hours of launch.

Hello, Seekho launched in Dharavi on July 19 2015. The launch was a ten-stop hiphop roadshow in different locations across Dharavi with the help of Slumgods’ hiphop crew. Over 1,400 calls were received 48 hours after the launch and over 8,000 calls were received in a week. Dharavi is Asia’s second largest slum, spread over one square mile and home to a million people.


From mid-July to mid-September Hello, Seekho is launching in slums in West Delhi, an area with approximately 52,000 small settlements called jhuggi jhopdis.









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